EverFocus Electronics Corporation

Warranty Policy

The below stated EverFocus Limited Warranty and RMA Policy applies to authorized distributors and integrators only. All returns, including stock rotations, must be accompanied by a pre-authorized RMA number or Ticket number, and freight must be prepaid by the customer. Products returning without an RMA number or a Ticket number marked clearly on the outer packaging will be refused. RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from date of issuance.

Limited Warranty

Items are eligible to be repaired under warranty if the unit is within warranty period. Please refer to our Product Warranty for the specific warranty period of the unit. Products including recording devices that have been opened, altered, and/or used with non-EverFocus supplied components will not be covered under warranty as well as product(s) that have been improperly installed, altered/modified, removed and/or missing serial numbers, or tampered with will void all warranties. Exclusions shall include but not limited to fires, floods, lighting strikes, electrical surges, earthquakes, and other acts of God. These product(s) may be repaired but fees may apply. Warranty periods start from shipment from EverFocus warehouse. If the unit is not repairable for any reason, the unit will be replaced with refurbished unit that is in similar condition. In such cases, the original warranty period applies. EverFocus will pay for freight to the customer by UPS ground shipping. Deviations from this shipping policy will be at the customer's expense. Due to legal and liability issues, EverFocus has no liabilities for lost profits, removal of any products or the installation of replacement products, inspection, testing, or redesign caused by the repair or replacement of products arising from a defect in any product. EverFocus assumes no risk, and any liability for any claims including 3rd parties, whether based on product liability, negligence or breach of contract relating to products shall not exceed the authorized distributor price paid to EverFocus for products.

As a standard repair procedure, hard drives that are sent back to EverFocus for warranty and out-of-warranty repair will be checked and reformatted. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that the hard drives are working properly and there is no damaged segment in the hard drives to cause possible malfunction of the recording device or its operating system. Due to liability and legal issues, EverFocus will not assist in technical support of any data recovery. Data on all recording devices including NVRs and DVRs, returned for factory repair or replacement are assumed by EverFocus to have been backed up by others. Data may be discarded during repair and EverFocus assumes no liability for loss of recorded data or lost data recovery costs.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

After the warranty period expires, customers must pay all labor and/or repair charges. For these paid repairs, there will be an extended warranty period of 6 months after the repair. If the out-of-warranty repair fee is not approved by the customer and the product(s) is requested to be sent back without repair, the customer will be responsible for the diagnosis and shipping fees.

Over the Counter (OTC) Exchanges

In the unlikely event of a product defect, authorized EverFocus distributors may offer an OTC exchange for a period of 365 days from shipment from EverFocus warehouse*. (*Note: this one-year OTC exchange is only for products that are shipped on or after August 1, 2015. Products with 1-year warranty have only 180 days for OTC exchange.) Serial number(s) of the product(s) must be validated prior to OTC exchange taking place. A 15% -25% re-stocking fee will be applied to units that are returned without full accessories.
Authorized distributors must verify the product's eligibility for the one-year OTC exchange by checking the serial number of the product, and authorized distributors must make exchange from in-stock items. After exchanging the defective product, authorized distributors must request for an RMA number to send the unit in for a replacement to their stock only (no credits will be issued). If the defective unit is received and tested to be no fault found by EverFocus technicians, it will be sent back to the distributor and no replacement will be issued.

Advance Replacements

Advance replacements are for defective products that are within 180 days of purchase from EverFocus. Advance replacements must be for the exact same item that is being returned, unless the unit being returned is phased out or discontinued. The unit being returned must include complete accessories; otherwise, a 15% to 25% restocking fee will be applied and will be deducted from the credit amount. An RMA number is needed prior to placing PO for the advance replacement, and the RMA number must be referenced on the PO. If the defective unit is over 180 days of purchase and the product being returned is different than the product being purchased on the new PO, no credit will be issued - the defective unit will be repaired and sent back.


An RMA number is required for all credit returns. Full credit will be issued for items purchased from EverFocus within 90 days of return date, factory seal unbroken, box unopened and full accessories included. A 15% to 25% restocking fee will be applied to open-box items and/or missing accessories. All products will be inspected upon return and additional fees may apply or full credit denied if the unit has suffered cosmetic or internal damage due to improper use or mis-handling of item. Freight costs will not be included in any credit issued. There is no credit returns for product licenses once the codes have been activated.