EverFocus Access Control provides a scalable solution to secure facilities of all sizes. The EverAccess IP-based Access Control line offers a complete system that utilizes networking capabilities to offer additional management and integration features as well as making both deployment and expansion of a system seamless and uncomplicated.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a way of exerting control over who can interact with a resource, such as a building, group of buildings or computer systems. Users must present credentials, such as a pin number, a physical access card, or even biometrical credentials such as fingerprint, before they can be granted access.

Access Control uses computers to bypass the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. A properly configured and managed access control system allows for doors and entryways to be managed by a central controller. The controller will allow a door to be configured to access for certain privileged users or even be dynamically changed according to a schedule. In conjunction with readers installed at each door, a complete access control system allows for not only egress of your building but also can supply real time data of system events (such as entry or denied access attempts) for full oversight and administration.

Features and Benefits

EverAccess systems come packed with enterprise level features and benefits at cost effective pricing. Being IP-based and PoE powered (most controller models), the product allows for leveraging existing network infrastructure eliminating the need for long multi-conductor wire runs, and can even take advantage of already existing backup power, reducing total cost of ownership. EverAccess systems are packed with attractive security features such as:

  • Interactive Mapping
  • Anti-Passback
  • Direct Fire Alarm Input with Output Relay
  • Virtually Unlimited Schedules, Groups, User and Access levels
  • Capable of managing up to 100,000 cards
  • Mobile Application for Monitoring and Administrative Interaction
  • SSL encryption for heightened web browsing security
  • "First In" functionality
  • Supports Millions of Access Control Events
  • PDF reporting on Door Events and Cardholders
  • Multiple System Event Alarms that trigger system-wide actions
  • CCTV/VMS integration with EverFocus DVRs and NVRs

Flexible Solutions

The modular design of the EverAccess line of Access Control products provides a range of solutions that can work in both small and large installations as well as expand to meet the needs of a growing system.

EverAccess door controllers can be used as standalone, web-based systems for small applications, or large multi-controller systems driven by head end browser-based software. This allows a system to grow over time, or be installed in stages and added to later at predictable costs.

EverAccess systems feature open-door licensing with no imposed software limitations on how many doors a system can be comprised of.

Complete System

An EverAccess system can provide a complete solution for your access control needs. The EverAccess line carries all the proper hardware components for the installation and operation of an access control solution:


The controller of an access control system is the central device to which all doors and readers are connected to and managed by. EverAccess door controllers come in several styles to match the different needs of your business or facility.

The modular design of EverAccess door controllers allows for flexibility in adding additional doors or readers or even integration with alarm interfaces. Additionally, the controllers can operate in the 26-bit Wiegand format making integration with a third party system possible.


Readers come in a variety of form factors to fit the individual environmental needs of the business. Ranging from standard proximity technology to biometric fingerprint and finger vein versions, these readers will serve as the means of entry or exit using credentials while also supporting multiple authentication requirements.


Being able to both manage and oversee an access control system is a vital component to the operation of a secure site. With EverAccess access control systems, administrative management is simplified by web browser based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using SSL encryption for an additional layer of security. Also available is the ENS2000 Access Control Management Software, which will allow cross-network and cross-regional control and administration of access controllers via Wide Area Network and the Internet.

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