Looking to upgrade your existing surveillance equipment to High Definition (HD)? EverFocus brings you our eZ.HD line of products. Utilize your existing coax cables and upgrade to HD resolution. If you're trying to keep costs down, use your current cameras and upgrade over time. Our eZ.HD DVRs are capable of utilizing your current cameras, while giving you the option to expand into our eZ.HD cameras.

What is eZ.HD?

eZ.HD is an EverFocus branded AHD (Analog High Definition) products.  EverFocus carries various models of eZ.HD cameras and DVRs with capabilities of capturing 960H, 720P, and/or 1080P resolutions. With various camera form factors and lens, our eZ.HD cameras can satisfy your every installation needs. The eZ.HD solution inherits and carries forward advantages of traditional analog solution, which truly achieves seamless migration from traditional analog to Analog HD.

Conventional Analog
Analog High Definition


Our eZ.HD DVR's are able to provide crisp clear picture through an HDMI or VGA connections. The eZ.HD DVR's are backward compatible with 960H cameras, and support video transmission over traditional 75-3 coaxial cable for up to 500 yards. With remote viewing capabilities from your computer, you will always be in focus. Our EverFocus MobileFocus App (available in Google Play Store & Apple App Store) grants you the option to monitor your DVR anywhere on the go.

Benefits from eZ.HD DVRs

HD image quality

Control eZ.HD camera's OSD over coax. (eZ Controller function)

Backward compatible with 960H / D1 cameras

Coaxial and UTP cables supported

Remote access from the MobileFocus App, EverFocus Browser, and X Lite (Windows & MAC)

eZ.HD Cameras

EverFocus provides various varieties of eZ.HD cameras. Our eZ.HD cameras are capable of 960 H, 720P, and/or 1080P resolutions. If you're looking for weather resistant cameras, EverFocus can provide IP67 rated outdoor cameras. Certain models can deliver a vandal proof design that are capable of withstanding a 10 lbs sledge hammer.

Benefits from eZ.HD cameras

HD (720P or 1080P) / 960H Switchable

NTSC /PAL Switchable

Fixed and Vari-focal Lens

Dual Power (12VDC / 24VAC)

Low Temperature (-40°C / -40°F)

Main Features & Technologies

1.3MP CMOS Sensor -

Utilizing 1/2.8" Sony 1.37MP CMOS sensor, the eZ.HD cameras can deliver a crisp 720p High Definition image quality and produce equivalent image in low-light environment.

HSBLC (Highlight Suppression Backlight Compensation) -

HSBLC provides programmable zones with masking - to aid in control of image exposure and contrast in the presence of concentrated light sources, such as automobile headlights or from deep shadows surrounding objects of interest.

True Day/Night -

True Day/Night automatic ICR filter designed with high illuminating IR LEDs help capture clear color images even in low light or no light conditions. If the ambient light is insufficient, the automatic IR cut filter retracts and the camera switches from color to true B/W, allowing the use of supplemental IR illumination. True Day/Night provides a flexible option for 24 hours surveillance.

D-WDR (Digital-Wide Dynamic Range) -

D-WDR function provides clear images even under strong backlighting environments, where intensity of illumination can vary excessively.

3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) -

3D-DNR technology can clean up the noise in video frames by comparing one frame to the next, then by removing tiny specks that appear in each frame.

Area Motion Detection -

Four programmable zones are provided for motion detection. When motion events are detected by the camera within these areas, the areas will be highlighted with a frame of a configured color.

Privacy Mask -

The Privacy Mask feature can block out sensitive areas from view by covering the areas with colored boxes. This feature is useful when users do not want the sensitive information visible.

Weather-Proof Husing -

Equipped with IP67-rated housing for outdoor environment use.

3-Axis -

3-Axis mechanical design permits flexibility of mounting, while allowing easy adjustment for the cameras' field of view.

eZ Controller -

EverFocus' eZ.HD DVRs come with 4 / 8 / 16 channels and are featured with EverFocus' eZ Controller function, which allows users to easily control their eZ.HD camera'''s OSD menu at the DVR. Traditionally, the CCTV integrator would take a portable monitor and directly connect it to a camera at the installation site to adjust a camera's OSD menu - shown in Diagram A below. The traditional method would take extra time, effort, and manpower to just configure one camera. Now, with EverFocus' eZ Controller, it allows the integrator to simply control the camera's OSD at the DVR - as illustrated in Diagram B.