If you're looking for IP surveillance solutions for new installations or to replace an existing one, Everfocus has anything you might need. From cameras, NVRs, and switches, or encoders to help integrate analog cameras, we provide complete solutions for small installations to large enterprise setups.

Why Choose an IP Solution?

At their core, IP solutions and analog are the same. They are video surveillance platforms consisting of cameras and recorders. So why IP? When it comes to flexibility of the installation, IP is the clear winner; because it operates on network infrastructure, the cameras can be farther from the NVR with the same amount or possible even less cable to run. There is also no longer the same need to run every line back to the recorder itself, which allows for a cleaner and easier installation.

There is also the advantage of picture quality: while HD analog is an option, our IP cameras can come in up to 3mp, capable of capturing much higher image detail than a conventional analog or even HD analog camera. IP system also offers the ability to utilize IP cameras independently of an NVR as standalone units that are still capable of recording via an optional internal microSD card or to a designated location on the network.

EverFocus IP Solutions

Either within or outside your network, you can access your system and integrate it into our CMS software X-Lite as well as our mobile app for quick and easy viewing of multiple systems. Our systems also follow the industry standard ONVIF compliance.

Features and Benefits

IP systems offer higher scalability and flexibility compared to their analog counterparts. While consisting of an NVR and IP cameras running over CAT5 cables, they can also incorporate existing analog cameras and utilize coax cables through the use of encoders and Paluns, making upgrading an older analog installation less work and without having to sacrifice quality.

Everfocus NVRs

eZ.IP Plug & Play for Small Installations

Our Ez.IP systems are Plug & Play systems making them simple to install, requiring only that you connect your Everfocus IP cameras to get instant video. The Everfocus Plug & Play systems come in two types, the ENVR8304 E with an embedded switch, and the ENVR8304 D featuring an external switch.


  • Plug & Play, meaning minimal configuration
  • Familiar, intuitive User Interface
  • Rack mountable
  • POE support: no need for external power for the switch
  • Supports RAID configuration

Commander2 & Elite2 for Enterprise Solution

For large scale installations that requires highly flexible solutions including the ability to incorporate other devices such as DVRs, Encoders, and Decoders, these systems have it covered. Featuring two LAN ports, these systems can be set up with cameras on the same network, or with a separate isolated camera network for improved security.


  • Supports ONVIF Profile S 3rd party cameras and RTSP streams*
  • Maximum 8 Hard Drives and up to 32TB of storage (for Commander2)
  • Supports RAID configurations 0, 1, 5, & 10
  • 20 camera support for the Elite2 and from 64-100 channels for the Commander2

Recording Data Reports

The Commander2 and Elite2 NVRs feature the ability to record and show details on the record status of the system. Including a by second/minute/hour read out of the recording behavior of the system, allowing you to see any irregularities.

Storage Management

The storage management functions of the Commander2 and Elite2 NVRs gives users the ability to create multiple storage groups as well as define which devices record to each of them.

Dual LAN Ports

The Commander2 and Elite2 systems both come with dual LAN ports allowing users to set up an entirely separate network for the cameras, eliminating problems of bandwidth consumption on the dedicated LAN.

Everfocus IP Cameras

Everfocus IP cameras come in a good variety with 1.3/2/3 megapixel options that offer high resolution video and in both indoor and outdoor models of different varieties, from dome and ball to bullet and speed dome as well as specialty cameras.


  • Dual power (POE / 12VDC)
  • 1.3, 2, and 3 megapixel models
  • Support for remote access and CMS integration
  • ONVIF profile S compliant

Multi-streaming capabilities

Mutli-streaming is a function of the camera that allows for up to 3 separately configurable video streams to be enabled for the cameras.

Tamper Detection

Everfocus cameras come with a temper detection function which can trip an alarm or send a notification when the unit has been tampered with.

Standalone Recording

Many of our IP cameras come with an internal slot for a microSD card which can be used to record footage without the use of an NVR. They can also support recording to a PC within the network of the camera, providing several options for recording footage.

Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range, or WDR, is intended to help keep images clear in areas where lighting varies drastically. WDR will attempt to compensate for issues such as backlight in order to get the best image possible.

Motion Detection

Everfocus IP cameras support multiple motion record areas in the camera view, allowing you to set multiple regions with varying sensitivity for finer control over motion recording.

Digital Noise Reduction

"Noise" in video is generally caused by some sort of interference. DNR is meant to clean up the video and reduce the impact in the video quality caused by noise as well as limiting the file size.

Region of Interest (ROI)

With ROI, you can set specific areas in the camera's field of view to take priority in terms of video quality. ROI can be used to set up to 8 different regions.


With the progression of IP technology, getting into the world of IP surveillance is a must. With selections for seasoned IP installers to those looking to get started in the field of IP, EverFocus has the products, the technology, and the support team to perfect each IP installation!

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